‘A Game of Entitlement’ – Sex and Consent

There has been a lot of conversation over the past six months about sex and consent. But to truly revolutionise attitudes to sex and consent, I think we need to understand and evaluate how much of an affect Entitlement has on how we think about sex.

Entitlement and those who presume it, treat it like a game –

‘A Game of Entitlement’

How to Play – Cross off a presumption of Entitlement on the Entitlement score sheet – and you’re Entitled to do as you please – and feel free to create your own score sheet of Entitlement misconceptions to make sure you stay Entitled!

Score Sheet-

·    The person you want to have sex with is dressed provocatively – YOU’RE ENTITLED!

·    You’ve bought a drink for the person you want to have sex with – YOU’RE ENTITLED!

·    You’ve flattered the person you want to have sex with – YOU’RE ENTITLED!

·    You’re wealthy or successful or powerful – YOU’RE ENTITLED!

·    You are or have been in a relationship with the person you want to have sex with – YOU’RE ENTITLED!Following the divulge of hundreds of thousands of stories of sexual assault and rape, by way of the #MeToo movement, there seemed to be a prevailing and underlying presumption of Entitlement which threads through every part of society and affects how we consider sex and consent.

This misjudged sense of Entitlement renders the concept of consent redundant and this presumption of Entitlement rears its ugly head in every aspect of society, from kiss chase games in the playground, cat calling on the street, gropes in nightclubs, and inappropriate comments in the workplace, which in turns embeds this behaviour as acceptable and the norm.

What can we do to address the root of this degrading sense of entitlement so that we’re not living in an environment where ‘this’ keeps happening? All I know, at least, is that we need to pull the weed out at the root, instead of ignoring it until it’s entwined itself through another generation.



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