Living Your Best Life

Living Your Best Life, is a sentiment I hear a lot, on the surface it feels like a positive mantra to live by, it portrays an inspirational lifestyle which encourages everyone to be having  100% of a good time 100% of the time. Not one minute is wasted on anything banal, and every day is an achievement in winning at life.

Those are great intentions, but I think the reality is a little less wholesome. ‘Living your best life’ can feel like FOMO with a vengeance.  If you’re not constantly having a GREAT TIME it can become a bit of pressure cooker for our physical and mental well-being.

We have to take the good with the bad, but my concern with ‘Living your Best life’ is that it doesn’t really allow for any bad bits, or even any mundane but necessary bits like food shopping or cleaning, or having a lazy day which can result in; Continue reading “Living Your Best Life”